Dyelirious Podcast June 19, 2011

April 19, 2o11

Diana Mroczek




Diana Mroczek, Stephanie Smith, Michael Smith, and Angie Whitney host this week’s podcast.

So, we tried a more structured podcast, and it was a disaster.  Completely unusable. So, we’re back to the free form sort of podcast that made us all international podcast stars, and here’s what you get.  Stephanie starts us off with some booze and fried food, we quickly discuss the remake of Battlestar Galactaca, some old game and TV shows, the adult bookstore down the road, and then the discussion quickly digresses into a lengthy chat about the Fleshlight (NSFW).  It’s really a treat, and not at all for the kiddies!  There’s a bunch more after the Fleshlight discussion, so I’ll let you get to it.


If you don’t hear audio, or see a player, please click to download the MP3 file
Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith, Stephanie Smith, Angie Whitney
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton, Mr. Sandman by 



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