Dyelirious Podcast – March 14, 2012

Diana Mroczek

THE PLAYAS BE HATIN’ ON MY PREHENSILE TAIL CAST: Welcome back! After a short break, Dye and Mike are back with the latest installment of the Dyelirious Podcast. In the sweltering March heat, we started off with some gambling talk after Dye’s trip to the casino in St. Louis. We talked about the sad people at the casino and Mike’s inability to hold onto $200 for more than 5 minutes. Then we moved onto one of Dye’s favorite pastimes – the train wreck that is Courtney Love. Now she blames the Muppets for all that is shitty in her life. I blame the drugs. Then there was some chat on Billy Corrigan – and – wait for it – AIR SUPPPLY!!! Poor Mike’s never won, met famous peeps or caught a fish. Mike’s banned from #1 China. Once we got to back sweat and peanut butter preference, we knew our time was up. Strap on the phones and enjoy!


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Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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