Dyelirious Podcast – February 22, 2012

Diana Mroczek

THE WITLESS PODCAST – We’re back! This week Mike and Dye open up the cast with a a brief chat about Lent, love for pigs…eating them, that is, which led to a little good-hearted religion bashing, which naturally transitioned into the main topic of conversation – music!! There is involved discussion on Sirius/XM’s “Ozzy’s Boneyard”, Rush vs. Led Zepplin, allegedly over-priced Motorhead box sets to the greatness that is Iron Maiden. There was also some kibitzing on cars and the Auto Show. Cars with no headlights? Why? Then just add a splash of Judy Jetson…porno Judy Jetson. WTF? We then decided that Dye’s tool of the week honors would go to Bret Michaels and Mike’s went to Chris Brown. Then the waffles beckoned, and it was time to go. Download, listen up and enjoy!


If you don’t hear audio, or see a player, please click to download the MP3 file
Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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