Dyelirious Podcast – February 8, 2012

Diana Mroczek

Let’s talkabout meat, baby…welcome back to another episode of the Dyelirious Podcast. This week, Dye and Mike briefly discuss the Superbowl, totally dis Jizz-elle and bash the halftime show – all in about 5 minutes! Mike’s mommy shows up for a Martha Stewart moment. We then go on to talk about Dye’s new favorite show The Voice and her budding obsession with Adam Levine. There’s some chat on tiny T-Rex arms too. Then….SUPRISE! We have an impromptu guest! We are joined by Dave, one half of the InsideOutcast, the podcast “Where Geek Meets Goth”, a great podcast that can be found at (Seriously…go check it out). We devote some time to the beauty of being carnivores at one helluva birhday party at a Brazilian steakhose where meat was all around us, and it all just gets even more fabulously random! Lotion, sharpies and Star Wars…oh my. Get those headphones. Put them on. Listen dammit! Do it. Now.

Mikey’s Mom’s Cabbage Pockets recipe:
Make bread dough. Fill it with ground beef, onions, and (surprise) cabbage! Then seal up the bread dough, and bake it until it’s done. Really, just go back and write it down. We can use as many listens as we can get.


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Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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