Dyelirious Podcast – January 11, 2012

Diana Mroczek

We have a guest this week!  Jon Nichols from Strange Horizons blog is here at the Prairie Podshack to chat with us about being an author and blogging about “Weird Shit” and aliens, as well as music, concerts, getting into fights with bar ninjas, hipsters and politics, bums (or the homeless if you prefer), New Jersey, the death penalty, and Jon gives us a taste of his mad announcer skills!  It’s a special treat, and then Mike ends the show with a wonderful reference to anal rape, with Morgan Freeman* providing some special commentary.

*Not actually Morgan Freeman.  I know, what a shock!


If you don’t hear audio, or see a player, please click to download the MP3 file
Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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