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May 15, 2013

NFL Draft Recap, Summer Movie discussion, and The Guys’ favorite summer foods, plus more on this week’s Midlife Mancave


April 22, 2013

This Podcast is Awful.  Really Bad.  Like, unlistenable.   ENJOY!!!

Movie Bracket Madness!  This week, The Midlife Mancave explores the Guys’ favorite movie picks, as well as Tom’s Hot Chick bracket (stolen from the Howard Stern Show!)  They also break down the propriety of wiping back to front, and whether or not those who wipe back to front are dead inside.

Spoiler alert! – They are, indeed, dead inside.


March 13, 2013

The “Can This Office Meeting Have Any More Balloon Boners?” Cast: Hey! We’re back! Dye and Mike get things started with some fun work rants full of “Lifer Ladies” that make Mike nuts and asshats who think Dye can tell the future. Vodka tampons? No thanks! Then it’s all about and strange addictions, and we realize Mike and Dye don’t have any – well, unless you count being able to shred a nest out of a tablecloth. Dye takes a trip to the movies alone! Can a concert be next?A nod is given to the late Clive Burr, drummer of the early Iron Maiden years. What happens after that is really anyone’s guess. Enjoy the randomness!

February 19, 2013

New Dyelirious Podcast - Jobs, Weird people on the CTA, awesome band names, and more!

February 14, 2013

This month’s Midlife Mancave was the BEST POD EVER, and then Mike figured out how to work the recorder. The finished version is still pretty good, but you just can’t catch lightning in a bottle. Anyway, listen this month to hear George, Jay, T, and Mike with their special guest, Mark Davis, as we examine fascinating topics such as the guys first celebrity crushes, movie quotes, and some walking dead talk. There’s a bunch more, so please listen in to get the scoop from the most important podcast in the History Of Podcasting!

Also, you can now Twitterize (Twitterfy? Twitterate?) us. Find us at @MidLifeManCave on

January 13, 2013

A new Midlife Mancave is ready for your consumption.  Just like in every other episode, the guys talk about Sports, Music, Movies, and just about anything else.  Enjoy!

December 9, 2012

Fantasy Concerts Won’t Stop the Raping of Indiana Jones, Our Youth or Dye’s Ears Cast - Annnnnnnd…we’re back! After a very long hiatus, Mike and Dye are back. We had a bunch of lame excuses too. You know…work….vacation…being lazy and moving! That’s right! We’re no longer broadcasting from the Prairie Podshack, but the Prairie Podloft in Mike’s new and much-despised domicile. We discussed our fantasy triple-bill concerts, which naturally led to some completely unrelated discussions and Mike forcing me to watch some seriously disturbing South Park, leading, of course, to brief parleys regarding documentaries. Mike also hurt Dye’s feelings with metalized Vanilla Ice, leading us to conclude that, although that douchebag seems to thinks so, there’s no way the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby are ever going to sound cool. Enjoy!!!


November 12, 2012 

Oh, yeah!  The guys are back with a new episode of the MidLife Mancave, and it was worth the wait.  The Prairie Podshack move took a bit longer than expected, both to actually execute the move, and then to get the studio set back up, and then to get T away from coaching Pee Wee Football long enough to record a show.  Sadly, we couldn’t get Parker for this one.  John, you were missed.  However, George more than makes up for it, telling us all about how awesome the Saints are this year (yawn…) and how they are definitely gonna win that big fooseball contest in the upcoming tournament game!  Yeah, the New Orleans Saints suck it like an extra thick strawberry milkshake.  So, you can listen to the show to hear about the failed predictions of George, Tom, Jay, and Parker, but know this…  The Broncos are gonna run the table the rest of the season!  Also, there’s talk of food; Halloween candy and other Halloween stuff (cause we’re all timely and sh!t); More food talk; Football; and some other stuff.  It’s manly, and it’s cavey, and it’s midlifey.  It’s the Midlife Mancave!

August 19, 2012

FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!! It’s the first annual Midlife Mancave Football Extravaganza Blowout Predictions and Picks Show! Yes, sports fans, it’s time for your football fix with the Midlife Mancave show. Jay, T, George, Parker, and to a very limited extent, Mike will give you their picks and predictions for the 2012 NFL season. Listen in for their ingenious insight on the state of the NFL this season, as well as their fantasy football league rundown. It’s all football, and you’re going to love it!

July 22, 2012 

This month’s Midlife Mancave brings more discussion on summer blockbusters. This time the focus of the in depth investigative report is the last 30 years of summer movies, and how they’ve changed over the years. The best and worst of the previous 3 decades are compared with the 2012 summer movies, and you may be surprised with the conclusions. Nah, you probably won’t, but it’s a good listen nonetheless. Then the discussion turns to the guy’s favorite fast food restaurants. The rules are kinda loose, but there’s got to be a drive-through, and it ought to be at least a regional chain. Then we’ve got the recommendations. You’re welcome to send us your comments and thoughts, and we might just mention you on air, so send ‘em in to or

Thanks to John Parker for joining us this week. Dude, you rocked the mic, and we hope you come back as a regular to the panel!

July 20, 2012

Well, dedicated fans and listeners, it’s been well over a month since the last update, and there’s a lot to report.  The podshack is going to be relocating soon, so there will be some interruptions… Hell, there have ALREADY been some interruptions, to the normal schedule.  Adding to the already hectic summer schedule, including life in general, the podshack move has been an unexpected, but hopefully positive, change in plans.  To the loyal listeners, I’m sure you are aware that there have been some power issues here at the 60 year old podshack, and the space isn’t quite as large as we have come to need.  So, please bear with us (or bare with us, if you must, but no pictures), and we’ll be back on track soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy the newest Dyelirious Podcast, and there’s a new Midlife Mancave on the way in just days!

Thanks for listening


June 11, 2012

Listen to the first episode of the Prairie Podshack Music Review, with my guest, Joe Winters from The Steepwater Band.  The Prairie Podshack Music Review will be bringing you the best unsigned and independent musicians from the Midwest!

June 7, 2012

The Book Club Cast is here for your listening enjoyment. We know all of you are well read, literate, and cultured citizens, so Dye gives her in depth review of one of this years most talked about books. Fifty Shades of Gray gets the Dyelirious treatment. Oh, and Mike bought some stuff. Have a listen!

May 28, 2012

We here at Prairie Independent Media are preparing our newest podcast, the “Prairie Podshack Music review”.  Mike will be hitting the diveyest of dive bars and suffering through some seriously scary open mic sessions to bring you the best that the Chicagoland music scene has to offer.  In June, look for the first two episodes, featuring Jeff Massey from The Steepwater Band, and Singer/Songwriter Ashleigh Ashton as we listen to some of their newest songs and talk about when and where you can see them.

May 23, 2012

The Bigot Cast

After a short hiatus, Dye and Mike are back with hate filled rants about… everyone!  Actually, there’s no hate. Dye and Mike just want everyone to get along with everyone, and make fun of them all together.  They’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony, and stop perpetrating stereotypes for Christ’s sake!  Then there’s some racist talk about the best black dudes on TV, why Asians have stupid automotive accouterments, and decals on Mexican cars.

May 18, 2012

This month has been quite a busy month for non podcast related activity, so my apologies to anyone looking for new content here at the Prairie Podshack.  But, rest assured, we have lots of new content on the way.  Thanks for listening!


May 3, 2012

Episode 3 of the Midlife Mancave leaves the crew one man short as Jay was unable to pull himself away from very important commitments at the last minute. But don’t fret… George, T, and Mike pull out all the stops to bring you a Very Special Episode where they discuss vitally important topics, such as: What’s the best SNL commercial parody, and who are the best/worst cast member(s); the BEST fight scenes from movies, Some football talk, and George’s fascination with foreign films.  They also give their recommendations of all things good, so listen in and enjoy as the guys bring you the very best in podcastery!

April 25, 2012

The “Hey….Where Did My Balls Go?” Cast

Here we are again…back at the Prairie Podshack for another round of randomness. We open with some pooch talk then Mike and Dye discuss the new trend of fatties working out and the need for proper footwear. Work…yeah it still sucks. Nothing new on that front. This week’s main topic comes to us from our buddy Wayne. We weighed the pros and cons of some very random pairings, and it led to some pretty interesting conversation. Somehow, that managed to transition into talk about Jim Steinman and Meatloaf. WHUT??? Of course that led us to some karaoke dos and don’ts – well, mostly don’ts. Take a listen and you’ll understand!


April 11, 2012

This week, we start our cast with a light sprinkling of religion…yeah, that’s what I said – RELIGION BABY. Which led into the meat and potatoes of the cast – Rock frontmen, which is a little closer to my religion to be honest. Mike and Dye give their top 5 lists of who they believe to be Rock’s great frontmen.

April 6, 2012

In the second installment of the Mid-Life ManCave, The Guys discuss upcoming summer blockbuster movies, fines and punishments in sports, A dubious list from Empire Magazine of the top movie sequels, and what constitutes a REAL pizza.

Listen in as Jay, T, and Mike disagree with George on almost everything.  He’s very controversial.


March 28, 2012

The Bushy Cast!

Topics this week: Annoying neighbors, Snooki is pregnant, The Hunger Games, douche of the week, Darth Vader sings Beat It, Mike’s business trip to Albuquerque, Draw Something, old gameshows, more gambling talk, skinny jeans, pooping at the office, and Michael Bay sucks!

March 14, 2012


Welcome back! After a short break, Dye and Mike are back with the latest installment of the Dyelirious Podcast.

March 12, 2012

This week, after a short vacation, Dye & Mike will triumphantly return to the prairie pod shack for an exciting new episode!

Listen in LIVE on Wednesday, or download the show Thursday morning.

March 6, 2012

The newest production of Prairie Independent Media is the Mid-Life ManCave Podcast.  Listen in for a taste of middle aged man talk as we sit around the (virtual) camp fire and eat buffalo style pterodactyl wings and drink… ummm…  something cave manny for beer…

Yeah, well you get the idea.  It’s ready for you now here!

January 30, 2012

In the second edition of the Vintage Electronics Podcast, Mike and Mark take a look at the Atari 2600. A bit of video game history, and a look at some of the cartridges from the late 70′s and early 80′s, and of course, a look inside at the spartan guts of this excellent example from the past.  Got any interesting vintage electronics, or any questions?  Please email us right now!


January 17, 2012

Tomorrow a very important protest is taking place all over the internet.  You may have heard of SOPA and PIPA, two very important pieces of legislation that threaten to damage the freedom and democratic nature of the internet through government intervention.  Please educate yourself and others, and learn all that you can about SOPA and PIPA.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great place to learn more about these dangerous and draconian pieces of legislation.  Please go there, and, if you are able to, join the cause for free speech and a free Internet.

Thank You,

Michael Smith
Prairie Independent Media


December 14, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Prairie Independent Media.  We here at the Prairie Podshack would like to wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season.   That said, there’s a new Dyelirious Podcast up for the first half of December.  Please check it out!

Also, if you liked the Vintage Electronics Podcast with Mark and Mike, keep an eye out next month.  We’ve got some real treasures to share with you, and we’re very excited to bring them your way.  Coming up we have a look at the Fisher Price PXL2000 Camcorder, and some vintage home video game action from Atari!

So have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!


November 16, 2011

Although the Dyelirious podcast has been fun, we at the Prairie Podshack have to admit that there hasn’t been a whole lot of consistency with the addition of new episodes. In the future all efforts will be made to bring you new casts with a little more regularity, or, to be more exact, twice per month. Be on the lookout on our Facebook page where we will let you know when it’s going down and when an episode has been posted.  Feel free to comment and make suggestions. Head on over to this link to check it out and give us a “Like”!

If there is one thing Dye and Mike are fairly passionate about, it’s music. One goal for the podcast is to start showcasing more music amidst the randomness of whatever topics we are beating up on at the time. We don’t only want to be able to play what’s new and known. We are big supporters of local music and lesser-known (and likely more talented) bands. Dye has always been on a mission to spread the word about the bands that deserve to be heard, not because they’ve bought the right but because they have earned it.

It’s not easy, but it needs to be said – the right to air music, as well as keeping up with equipment costs and hosting fees costs money. If you have enjoyed what you’ve heard and want us to carry on with the show AND bring some groovy music into the cast, please click on our “Donate” button and contribute a little extra scratch for the cause. You would have our undying gratitude.

November 12, 2011

Exciting news here at the Prairie Pod Shack!  Our first full length video podcast is almost done.  I’m rendering the AVI file right this moment for the first Vintage Electronics Podcast, and as soon as it’s complete, you will be able to view Mark Davis and Mike Smith (me) examining the CED (or Capacitance Electronic Disc) video disk player from RCA.  The video was done Wednesday this week, and it took a few days to edit.  It’s been a great learning experience, and we’re looking forward to bringing you lots of interesting podcasts about vintage electronics like audio and video, video game, and computer systems that were rescued from the landfill or grandpa’s basement.  Mark Davis has  a treasure trove that is sure to keep us going for at least a year of podcasts!  Check back again soon to see us geek out!

** Update **  I Finally got it figured out.  This great experiment has been an amazing learning process, and I’m glad you’re all here to see it!  In about a half hour, the video file will be posted for you to download.  It’s gonna be a bit longer until I can get an integrated player on the page, and with the limitations on YouTube, I’m not sure it will ever be posted there in single servings.  As it is, for now anyway, HostGator still has unlimited space and bandwidth, so that’s where it’s gonna stay.  Like I say, at least for now.  So, if you’re checking in at 10:12 cst on Sunday November 13, check back in 23 minutes for the most exciting vintage electronics podcast you’re ever gonna witness!



September 6, 2011

It’s been a few weeks of administrative type work here at the Prairie Pod Shack, and along with that has come some nice additions to the website.  I know, I know, no one likes advertising, but it’s a necessary “evil”.  I hope you will show your support by clicking on the ads and taking a look at what is being offered.  For every click, we can buy one tenth of a stick of chewing gum.  So, get clickin!

In the event that you’re feeling extra generous, and you’ve been enjoying the content, please feel free to click the “Donate” button, over there on the right.  Your generous contribution to the cause will allow us to keep providing you with quality entertainment, and help us expand our offerings.

And hopefully you have also noticed the smattering of social media buttons, as well as the iTunes button.  By clicking these buttons, you can further show your support by helping to promote our little production, and get the name of Prairie Independent Media out there for the world to see.

I hope you’re enjoying the shows, because we sure do like doing them!  Take care, and keep listening :-)




August 16, 2011

A new episode of The Dyelirious Podcast is posted for your approval. Last night we recorded it, and after almost a month (!) of no podcasting, it was a blast to get back into the studio and lay down some of the most random idiocy in the podiverse.  Spell check tells me that “podiverse” is not a word, but screw that.

In addition to the audio podcast, this was the first experiment in the video podcast realm. We were live on, and had 9 viewers! Of course, it was totally by accident that we had the 9 views, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. Next time, we’ll post some kind of warning, so those of you that may be sitting around doing nothing can watch and listen live, and perhaps even do some chatting with the hosts!

That’s it for now, so check out Dyelirious, and listen to the geniuses at work :-)

July 5, 2011

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!  Here at the Prairie PodShack we had a wonderful day cooking out with friends and family, and finished the day off with fireworks and a campfire.  It was a nice way to spend much valued time away from the grind of the life of the employed.

Saturday, July 2nd, The Wife, Dye (of the Dyelirious Podcast), and I worked on turning the office into a proper studio.  Well, Mostly I watched as Stephanie and Dye sawed, drilled, hammered, and glued to put everything together.   Right? No, sorry… I sawed, drilled, hammered and glued as I was being watched.  But there were some very important moments of assistance that were provided by the estrogen posse.

So we’ve got a nice strong steel base, with a beautiful melamine and oak trimmed table top.  Still needs some work, like it will be enclosed to provide storage, and cables and the mixer will be properly mounted and routed.  But for now it will work (until I get another full day off to finish everything), and here’s a picture of it so you get an idea of what’s going on.

Take care, and we’ll be back soon!



June 20, 2011

Steam is building as a second episode of the Dyelirious Podcast is out of production and up on the site!  Please listen and send us your comments in an email.  I look forward to hearing from you, and if you have any ideas for us.  We’ve also got some plans for new video content, and the Chicago Food Tour is still on the horizon.  I’m hoping for production to wrap in mid July, so keep coming back for more info!





June 5, 2011
We’re finally getting some content together. As you may have noted, the tabs up there are starting to fill up with some new things.  We’ve got a new audio podcast by Dyelirious Diana Mroczek.  She blogs about music and life, and how they often intertwine.  Please check in often because we are planning to have a couple of hours per month with Diana.

Also, I’m getting the Chicago Food Tour started soon, where I will be reviewing restaurants around the Chicago area!  Got a suggestion for a restaurant to review?  Please send me an email and I’ll check it out.

There’s also a live webcam, where you can view the back of my head.  It’s really a treat, I promise.

There are a bunch of exciting things going on in the near future, so please keep coming back, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.




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