Dyelirious Podcast – November 16, 2011

Diana Mroczek

The Pissed Off Podcast: Welcome back, kids. This week, Dye & Mike start off with a little Goo Gone gone bad, move on to the celebration of Dye finally finding a job (YAY) and finally the meat and potatoes of the cast – what pisses us off. Dye wrote a blog this week that was all about pet peeves. You can read it here Dye & Mike moved to some humorous and then some heated and *gasp* quasi-political discussions about just some of the things that piss them off. So strap it down, slap those headphones on and get all shitty with us! :)


If you don’t hear audio, or see a player, please click to download the MP3 file
Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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