Vintage Electronics with Mike and Mark

Mark Davis and Mike Smith bring you the fascinating world of vintage consumer electronics with this series of video podcasts.
In the second edition of the Vintage Electronics Podcast, Mike and Mark take a look at the Atari 2600. A bit of video game history, and a look at some of the cartridges from the late 70′s and early 80′s, and of course, a look inside at the spartan guts of this excellent example from the past.

Click Here to download the video!
Click Here to download the larger, higher quality, video!

Join Mike and Mark as their inaugural video takes a look at the RCA CED video disk player.  The CED player is a beautiful example of a working Capacitance Electronic Disc brought to you in the early 1980′s, and Mark and Mike open it up and look inside one of the few remaining examples of top of the line 80′s home video.

Click Here to download the video!


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