Dyelirious Podcast – September 26, 2011

Diana Mroczek

Dyelirious sells out. Dye & Mike are back, and this time we came freaking prepared!!! After breaking the ice with some dead bird chatter, we moved onto Mike’s rant of the night – free range children!!! What’s that you may ask? Well, listen up because it’s about to get ridiculous up in here. Then we dive head-first into our first real main topic – SELLING OUT. We discuss what the definitions of selling out are according to us and the Wonderful Wiki of
Oz. To add a bit of fun, Dye & Mike give their Top 5 lists of what they feel are great sell out songs. To end the cast Dye & Mike bring you…get ready…prepare…MUSIC. Strap those headphones on because this was fun!

If you don’t hear audio, or see a player, please click to download the MP3 file
Diana Mroczek, Michael Smith
Music – Bronco Romp by Waylon Thornton
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